Hustle Butter Deluxe
  • Hustle Butter Deluxe

    SKU: TS-S01

    The original Hustle Butter Deluxe is luxurious and rich. Used as a tattooing glide, Tattoo Aftercare or just as a daily moisturizer its loved by tattoo artists worldwide, and especially by their clients. Today. Tomorrow. Forever

    Hustle Butter Deluxe® is a 100% vegan replacement for all petroleum-based products used as tattoo lubricants BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the tattoo process.

    To tattoo and moisturize.

    Made from Shea, mango and  Aloe butters, it has many benefits:

    • It will NOT remove stencils.
    • NO more petroleum build up or clogged tubes.
    • Skin remains workable:  no more over worked highlights, yellows & whites go in the first time, color never went in so easy.
    • Used in place of petroleum based products, Hustle Butter Deluxe® gives results that last a LIFETIME.

    Cruelty-free & certified vegan
    Petroleum free, Paraben free. All natural.

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